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“Very nice, helpful, friendly and fast!”

—Stacy, Marlborough School

Suction Cup

  • Made in USA of virgin vinyl.
  • 50% stronger than “look-alikes.”
  • Diffuses sun—won’t burn dashboard.


Two million happy users since 1986! Cups are manufactured from thick virgin vinyl with super strong holding power...50% stronger than “copy cats.”


Added UV stabilizers resist yellowing and weather deterioration. The light diffusing ridges help prevent sunbeams from concentrating a “magnifying glass” type focus into your vehicle. Cheap imitations have actually burnt holes into dashboards, so avoid “look-alikes!”


To assemble the Suction Cup into a Displayer or Hang Tag, hold the concave cup over your thumb and press the nub end firmly into the pre-punched hole at a slight angle. Make sure you punch the nub end completely through to the other side to secure it.


Works great on clean, dry glass in above 50-degree weather.

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  • Pricing

      100 1000 5000 10000 25000 50000
    Suction Cup $.51 ea .45 .30 .25 .19 .14
    Total 51.00 450.00 1500.00 2500.00 4750.00 7000.00
  • Details

    Color: Transparent.

    Diameter: ¾".

    Material: Clear vinyl light-diffused cup with Nub end.

    Not included: Assembly of cup to product.

    Packaging: Loose bulk in bags.

    Production Time:

    • In-stock products usually ship within 3-5 working days.
    • Low inventory and out-of-stock replenishment days vary.
    • Please call (800) 874-6232 to check availability.
    • Partial shipments are usually available.


    Note: This cups' trademarked technology eliminates the hot light focal points that are generated in intense sunlight which often causing damage to plastic, vinyl or textile interiors.

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