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Hologram Tamper-Evident Decals

  • Great for added security.
  • Multi-colored prism design.
  • Can’t be removed & replaced intact.


Validation of authenticity is easy when you add this transparent decal to your card, permit, tag or document. This rainbow prism hologram provides changing optical images based upon your light source and viewing angle. Color copiers can’t pick up its multi-dimensional features, thwarting would be saboteurs to your security. Not easily detected by the naked eye, you’ll discover microscopic text that can be identified by a magnifier or microscope.


The tamper-evident feature helps to indicate the existence of tampering attempts since a portion of the original image releases if removal of the back adhesive decal is attempted.

  • Pricing

      1000 5000 10000 20000
    No overprint $0.50 ea .34 .28 n/a
    Total 500.00 1700.00 2800.00 n/a
    1/0—1Color front 1.20 .54 .46 .42
    1200.00 2700.00 4600.00 8400.00
    Instant quote for additional options coming soon... 04172014
  • Details

    Group 1
    Sizes: Shapes—Designs:
    .55" Circle, Circle—Void, & Circle—Warranty
    .55"w x .60"h Rectangle
    ¾" Square—Genuine, Square—Secure, Square—Void,
    & Square—Warranty
    ¾"w x ⅜"h Oval
    .95" Circle, Circle—Void, Square, & Square—Warranty
    Group 2
    Sizes: Shapes—Designs:
    ¾" Square w/ number, Square—Genuine w/ number,
    & Square—Secure w/ number
    ¾"w x ⅜"h Oval
    Group 3
    Sizes: Shapes—Designs:
    ⅜"w x .1875"h Rectangle
    ¾" Square hidden ink w/ number.
    (Genuine text is revealed with UV black light)
    .95" Circle transparent & Square transparent
    1"w x 1½"h Rectangle

    Color: The Hologram Tamper-Evident Decal is a see-through material with holographic patterns shine in multi-color when exposed to a light source.


    • The Hologram Tamper-Evident Decal is a stock design.
    • All designs with numbers are pre-assigned, custom numbers sequencing is available but must be custom quoted, see below.


    • For quantity in multiples of 1000, it will be packaged in rolls or strips.
    • For any other quantity, it will be cut in strips of 10 and packaged in 100.

    Special Feature: material is tamper-evident—dots remain upon release.

    Production Time:

    • 2 - 3 weeks.
    • Partial shipments are usually available.

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